The Peru Mission is a Registered Charity No. 1145812


For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me water; I was a stranger and you invited me into your homes; naked and you clothed me; sick and in prison, and you visited me.’  Matthew 25:35-36

The Peru Mission

The Peru Mission is dedicated to the relief of need amongst the disadvantaged poor of Peru. We have built classrooms, food kitchens, chapels, community halls, sports fields and a bakery in our fourteen years of operating in Peru.

Our resident project coordinator works to promote and protect human rights and to encourage the Peruvian government to meet it’s responsibilities to the local people.

Based on Gospel values we focus on “barrios” and work with people living in urban poverty, although we are frequently asked to assist the rural jungle dwellers, indigenous people who live in communities along the River Amazon’s many tributaries.

Other aspects of The Peru Mission’s work include bringing groups from UK schools and parishes to do volunteer work on building projects, linking with UK businesses, giving talks in parishes and schools to raise awareness and to access funding.

..which all have a social emphasis. We believe our God is a practical God who is totally on the side of those suffering poverty and oppression. Our mandate is to be His hands and feet to those in need. As a result we have become involved reaching out  in love to those on the very fringes of society.

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John 21:6 Cast your nets out into the deep and you WILL have a greater catch…

Samuel 2:8 He lifts the poor from the dust